Are you building your real-estate brand?

Can direct mail help you with local communities?

28 FEB

The best way to build your network of residential real-estate customers is good referrals. The next best may be direct mail – specifically  Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).  Together, they can grow your brand in the communities most important to your real-estate business.

Emails are too easy to send,  and ignore

For residential consumers...


prefer direct mail 
over digital ads*


bring in their mail 
every day**

Source: *Pitney Bowes, **Data & Marketing Association (DMA)

How does it help my real-estate brand more than digital marketing?

Direct mail is no silver bullet. But many homeowners are overwhelmed by digital tactics from real-estate professionals, and take pleasure in deleting any unfamiliar emails from their inbox. As such, it becomes very difficult and expensive to email local your communities and grow your brand awareness that way.

Research shows response rates are

  • higher for direct mail (3.7%) over
  • mobile (2%),
  • email (1%),
  • social media (1%) and
  • Internet display advertising (0.2%).

Start to build relationships. Sending a postcard helps people know you’re local. And in choosing a real-estate agent, local knowledge matters. Plus, you can use this inexpensive platform to

  • Invite people to join activities in their neighborhood
  • show prospects your recent successes
  • educate them on how to get more for their house, or trends on the best times to buy or sell
  • define your niche with a special type of expertise
  • And more

With consistency and the right experiences, you can grow a rewarding brand. This can result in more opportunities with ideal clients, each with a higher perceived value based on your greater recognition and credibility.

"I truly believe that you need to invest in at least 6–8 mailings a year, preferably 10–12. They don't all have to be high-end brochures. So if your budget only allows for postcards, and one or two routes, stick to that — but be consistent."

—Realtor Judith Weiniger

What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

It’s easy . Send postcards (flyers, brochures) to every mailbox on any USPS route. Each route can include from 300 – 1,000 residences. It’s one of the easiest ways to promote your real-estate business to your local neighborhoods.

Simply select the neighborhoods you want to target. We’ll show you how . Once your postcard is printed, a letter carrier takes it to every home while delivering that day’s mail.

More affordable. Every Door Direct Mail is one of the most affordable ways to connect with people because it canvases an entire USPS route. It’s delivered in bulk ($0.19 / house), rather than more expensive First-Class mail. And you don’t pay for mail-merge processes and labels.

  • No mailing lists
  • No address labels or sorting
  • No special permits

Is there a smart way to get started?

Repeat interaction is important

  • Basic : Sending one postcard is the first step in growing awareness about your real-estate skills. “One and done” is a start but less than the recurring strategy experts recommend for best results. 
  • Better : Aim for at least 3-5 impressions with the same route. And keep your visual design and messages consistent. The second card reminds of the first. And the third card shows you’re a stable real-estate business in the area. 
  • Best : Deliver multiple impressions and focus your message to what is unique and different about your approach. Maintain the same color palette so that your presence becomes recognizable.

If you want people to recognize your brand , it won’t happen overnight. Consistency in delivering impressions increases the likelihood someone will buy your services. Target the same mail route multiple times, rather than targeting multiple routes only once or twice.

Design, print, and mail – full service from ADG Printing

Make a strong impression  with beautiful postcards that feel like quality

  • Full color
  • Thick card stock in large 6” x 9” format
  • High gloss or matte coating (to protect your ink)

Guaranteed to be easy so you can focus less on technical production questions and more on customers.

  1. Upload files, or have our team create the right design based on the most valuable aspects of your brand
  2. Choose your most important mail routes
  3. When ready, your postcards are printed in our shop and then taken directly for processing with USPS

Measure your results. Testing the effectiveness of your postcard message and impact can be straightforward. Just add a unique phone number (an 800 number, for example) or a campaign-specific email address to your postcard. Then you’ll see exactly how many responses you get via that channel.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the magnificent job you did!
The quality and the quick service you provide is the best I have
seen. If this marketing material doesn’t make me look great,
nothing will!”
—Nancy C.


Ask away!

Start your campaign today

Start small


Say hello to your neighborhood and start building recognition

Get Started
  • 1,500  postcards
  • One mailing across 3 routes
Make an impact


Start a drip campaign and send the same messaging to an area multiple times

Get Started
  • 3,000 postcards
  • Two mailings across 3 routes*
Serious business


Make inroads in a larger area or send repeat messaging to become top-of-mind

Get Started
  • 4,500 postcards
  • Three mailings across 3 routes*

*Other configurations of mailings & routes are available. If you have questions, please get in touch below or ask your designer after starting your project

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